Ambassador Sander Soone was born on 23 May in 1965 in Tallinn. He graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in 1988 where he studied Control Engineering and in 1992 he finished his studies at the Estonian School of Diplomacy. Ambassador Soone started his diplomatic career in 1992 at the Security Policy Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From 1993-1994, Soone worked at the Embassy in Brussels and from 1994-1998 at the Political Department of the Foreign Ministry. From 1999-2002, Soone was the Deputy Head of Mission of the Estonian Mission to NATO. From 2003-2006 he was the Director General of the 1st Political Department.

Ambassador Soone worked at Permanent Representation of Estonia to the EU from 2006-2010 as the Representative of Estonia to the EU Political and Security Committee and later from 2010-2014, as Political Director and Director General of Political Department of the Foreign Ministry. From 2014, Sander Soone is the Estonian Ambassador to Egypt and the League of Arab States and from 2015 to Ethiopia and the African Union.

Ambassador Soone speaks English, French and Russian. He is married and has seven children.