Economic Relations

The volume of trade between Estonia and Egypt has been relatively small. However, Egypt is growing market for the producers of Estonian wood and paper. Tourism offers feasible and interesting prospects for the development of economic ties between Estonia and Egypt. In 2007 more than 50 000 Estonian tourists visited Egypt. The Enterprise Estonia has its representative for Middle East and North Africa, residing on Amman, who helps to facilitate the trade and investments between Estonia and Egypt.


Estonian-Egypt trade (in millions EUR):

Export Import
2007 13,1 1,9
2008 19,9 2,4
2009 9,1 2,1
2010 46,7 1,8
2011 16,8 2,1
2012 17,1 2,1
2013 13,1 2,1
2014 12,6 2,6

The main export articles in 2009 were wood and wood products as well as paper, cardboard and paper pulp; in import the main articles were paper, cardboard and paper pulp as well as fruit.

The Egyptian investments in Estonia have been made in haulage, storage, communication and in real estate, renting and business services (ensuing from the principles of data protection, numbers are not subject to be published).

Estonia has mostly made investments into Egypt’s real estate sector.