Refusal, annulment and revocation of a visa

In case the conditions for granting a visa are not fulfilled, the visa is refused. The refusal to issue an entry visa is notified to the applicant in writing.

A visa may be refused on multiple grounds mentioned in the EU Visa Code, such as:

  • the applicant does not have an approved, valid travel document;
  • the applicant is unable to prove the reason and preconditions of the stay;
  • the applicant does not have proof of sufficient means of subsistence;
  • the applicant is not entitled to return to the country of origin or to continue to a third country;
  • there are reasonable doubts about the applicant’s intention to leave the territory of the Member State before the expiry of the visa applied for.

The applicant may have an entry ban to Estonia or to some other Schengen country or be considered to be a threat to public policy, internal security of international relations of a Member State. An issued visa is annulled if it becomes evident that the conditions for issuing it were not met at the time when it was issued. A visa is revoked, if it becomes evident that the conditions for issuing it are no longer met, and can be revoked even at an Indian airport.

Right to appeal the decision on refusal, annulment or revocation of a visa

In appeal procedure, the visa application and the submitted documents will be re-examined.

The refused visa applicant or a visa holder whose visa has been annulled or revoked can submit a written application within 30 days to the relevant Embassy.

We suggest to submit the application by post. Please do not send the passport!

If the decision remains unchanged, it is possible to submit a second appeal to the consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within 30 days from receipt of the appeal notification.

The appeal can be filed personally or by representative.

The fee charged for processing the appeal is 80 EUR.

Bank accounts of the MINISTRY OF FINANCE for collecting the appeal fee are the following:

  • SEB Pank р/с EE891010220034796011 SWIFT/BIC: EEUHEE2X
  • Swedbank р/с EE932200221023778606 SWIFT/BIC: HABAEE2X

Reference number of the MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS:
Review of the appeal – 2900073630

Please note, the fee will be taken for the review of an appeal.